About Area Schools

Hendry County’s public school system serves more than 7,000 students in grades K-12 at six elementary, two middle, and two high schools. A wide range of educationally beneficial experiences awaits each student who enters our schools, and we take great pride in seeing students progress academically through the grade levels as they reach the ultimate goal of high school graduation. We have instituted academically rigorous reading and math programs at the elementary and middle school levels. Elementary schools are using a variety of push-in and enhancement programs. Middle schools are instituting new and rigorous math and science curriculums, and adding a number of classes that students can take for high school credit. High school students are finding increased opportunities to take Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment classes, as well as having the ability to participate in many industry certification academies and programs in Clewiston and LaBelle.

Area Schools

Click below to learn more about Hendry County Schools located in LaBelle, Florida.

Country Oaks Elementary

Elementary (K-5)
(863) 674-4140
2052 Eucalyptus Drive NW
LaBelle, FL 33935

Edward A. Upthegrove Elementary

Elementary (K-5)
(863) 612-0750
280 N. Main Street
LaBelle, FL 33935

LaBelle Elementary School

Elementary (K-5)
(863) 674-4150
150 W. Cowboy Way
LaBelle, FL 33935

LaBelle Middle School

Middle School (6-8)
8000 E. Cowboy Way
LaBelle, FL 33935

LaBelle High School

High School (9-12)
(863) 674-4120
4050 Cowboy Way
LaBelle, FL 33935

West Glades Elementary

Elementary (K-5)
(863) 675-3490
2586 State Hwy 731
LaBelle, FL 33935

West Glades Middle School

Middle School (6-8)
2586 CR731
LaBelle, FL 33935

Hendry County's Mission

The mission of the Hendry County School District is to provide all students the opportunity to achieve at high academic levels, equipping them to successfully pursue college or career goals.

“We are striving to further enhance educational experiences for our students by cultivating partnerships with parents,businesses, and other community stakeholders. We can give our students a better future by working together to provide our leaders of tomorrow with what they need today.”

“We can give our students a better future...”

Paul K. Puletti, Superintendent of Schools

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